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Creating the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Begins on Friday 13/10 17:00 and every Friday


The School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship created by Youth Entrepreneurship Club is comprised by a series of topics concerning Personal Development, Business Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. All subjects were chosen after meticulous analysis of a list of 200 postgraduate programs, online courses and tutorial videos. The speakers are exceptional entrepreneurs and academics with a rich resume and reputation in their fields. The School is consisted of 8 different units (every month a different unit) and it will be held from October to May in Chania. The overall duration of the program will be 120 hours. At the end of the school, the 100 graduates will be ready to fulfil their true potential. They will have both online tools and knowledge to build a startup and make sure it will succeed.

Learning Outcomes

The methods of becoming the best version of yourself.

Soft skills necessary for anyone to achieve success.

How to materialize your business idea.

All the essentials for you to acquire the job of your dreams.

How to become an entrepreneurial “techy

How to have profit through the emerging types of business.

How to promote your company through the digital framework.

How to create a motivated team.


" Creating the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow "


Student Learning Experience

Means that will be used during the school will be mainly Powerpoint Presentations, Videos, Online Platforms, Charts, Models etc. Also students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Academics recognized in their fields with a rich resume. Finally, what follows is a series of workshops, Q&As, case studies and contests.

Who is it for

Young people seeking to build a startup.

Young people who want to become a better version of themselves.

Entrepreneurs who want to optimize their company’s performance.

Students who want to claim the necessary tools for finding the job of their dreams.

Lawyers interested in law about startups and digital marketing.

Cost (included)

General admission : 80€ by course - 450€ for all units

Erasmus Interns : 60€ by course - 280€ for all units

Students & Unemployed : 60€ by course - 280€ for all units


Sharon Jackson M.Sc

Sharon Jackson

Founder of ESA & Director of Carlton CSR - UK


Sotiris Baratsas

Co-Founder & CEO @ Effect

Kostapanos Miliaressis

Kostapanos Miliaressis

Co-Founder of Ethelon

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