School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Creating the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Begins on Friday 13/10 17:00 and every Friday

Full Agenda will include:

October: Soft Skills & Personal Development

November: Boost your Technical Skills - Introduction in Web & App Development

December: Digital Marketing

January: Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Politics

February: Human Resources

March: Starting your own business

April: Innovative Types of Entrepreneurship

May: Success & Ideolog

*Each unit is consisted of 4 - 5 4hrs sessions as well.

Every week new topics will be analyzed such as:

Week 1: 21st century Skills (Communication, Creativity, Adaptability)

Week 2: Collaborative Leadership (Collaboration, Leadership and Coaching)

Week 3: How to use Google Tools / How to write an email

Week 4: Personal Development Methods

Week 5: Introduction in Web Development (Mockups and Prototyping)

Week 6: Introduction in Android App Development

Week 7: Introduction in Machine Learning

Week 8: Introduction in IOT and Arduino Workshop

Week 9: Professional Use & Management of Social Media

Week 10: Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Week 11: Web Analytics & Results Reporting / Measuring

Week 12: Social Entrepreneurship & Opportunities to Grow Your Business Idea

Week 13: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Week 14: Politics | How politics reflect and affect entrepreneurship / startup ecosystem

Week 15: HRM Practices in a new ERA

Week 16: Gamification as a tool to increase staff’s productivity

Week 17: Interviewing, Body Language & Negotiating

Week 18: Project Management

Week 19: Creation of a new Venture & Structure of a Business Plan

Week 20: Product Development + Growth Hacking

Week 21: Pitching an idea (How to market an event or a product)

Week 22: Fundraising & Venture Capitals

Week 23: Patent Application, Legal Advices & Taxing System

Week 24: Foodtech Entrepreneurship

Week 25: Robotics

Week 26: Fintech Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technologies

Week 27: Luxury Services / Smart Cities

Week 28: Success and Happiness in Business Environment

Week 29: Soul Centered Business, (Fighting Procrastination)

Week 30: Building the CV & Choosing a Postgraduate Program ( as an extra)



Sharon Jackson M.Sc

Sharon Jackson

Founder of ESA & Director of Carlton CSR - UK



Sotiris Baratsas

Co-Founder & CEO @ Effect


Kostapanos Miliaressis

Kostapanos Miliaressis

Co-Founder of Ethelon


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